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Partnership Grantmaking and Grants Database

Between 2000 and 2010, the Partnership foundations contributed an aggregate of $439,939,624 toward higher education initiatives in seven partner countries -- Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda -- and on an Africa-wide basis. In 2006 Egypt and Madagascar were added as Partner countries and grants to higher education institutions in those countries were counted as Partnership grants. There are two funding vehicles for Partnership grants: Joint Partnership Initiatives and Individual Foundation Grantmaking.

Joint Partnership Initiatives

When two or more of the foundations agree to support an activity, it is called a "Joint Partnership Grant." Apart from PHEA Initiatives discussed in Focal Areas, this category includes grant support for partner country case studies on higher education, the establishment of the AAU Research and Education Network Unit, multi-foundation support for regional networks such as USHEPiA and AERC, and support to KENET and the Nigerian ICT Forum.

Grants by Individual Foundations in Partner Countries

In addition to the joint initiatives described above, each Partnership member works directly with individual grantees in the nine countries, according to each foundation's mission, priorities, and geographic mandate. Funding decisions are made independently by each foundation using its normal mechanisms for review and decision-making. Grants include support for institution building of individual universities, specific departmental activities, and strengthening national and regional higher education institutions.

Over the period 2000-2010, of a total of 1,482 grants approximately 253 (17.1%) were made as Joint Partnership grants to 44 recipients and 1,229 grants were made as Individual grants. Joint grants had a total value of $65,859,737 or 15.0% of all grants during that period.


Since January 2007 the following criteria have been applied to grants counted towards the PHEA Pledge:

  1. If a grant is to a higher education institution (university, center, institute, NGO, or system) in one of the nine Partnership countries, the grant qualifies.
  2. For other grants, the funding foundation must indicate how the grant will directly and reliably strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions throughout Africa or in one or more Partnership countries.
  3. The unit of analysis is the institution or system and not independent individuals. Support to individuals must be to individuals within Africa, not to non-Africans.

Partnership Grantmaking Totals: 2000-2010

The table below summarizes joint and individual Partnership grantmaking from the first year of the Partnership through the latest year for which data are available. The annual numbers do not line up exactly with the two phases of the Partnership. At the time of the September 2005 Partnership re-launch, the Partnership had surpassed its $100 million pledge, reaching beyond $150 million. Figures reported below since 2005 include support from the Hewlett and Mellon foundations, which joined the founding four foundations in 2005; Kresge Foundation support is included since 2007.

YearJoint InitiativesIndividual Foundation GrantsGrand Totals

It is important to note that the seven Partnership foundations support higher education activities in "non-Partnership" countries, such as Malawi, Namibia, and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa and several Francophone countries in West Africa. Thus, even more support than is shown in the table is being channeled to African higher education. At times the Partnership provides support to institutions in countries outside Africa that are involved in work supporting African partner institutions. These grants are included in the database (see criteria above).

Partnership Grants Database

This database contains records on Partnership Joint grants and Individual foundation grants from 2000 to 2010.

Each record contains the following fields: country, grantee, donor, grant amount, duration, purpose of grant, URL for the grantee organization, and keywords. There is a limited list of keywords to choose from to ensure that you retrieve the maximum number of relevant records. In addition, each record has multiple keywords to allow you to widen or narrow your search using the "any term" and "all terms" options, respectively.

You can search by the following fields--country, type of grant, grantee, donor, year, and keyword. Each of these fields has a pull-down menu. You can also search using a combination of these fields.

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